Rough Magic Games

Game Master Services

The Need

The world of tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons is in the middle of a massive resurgence. When the world shut down for the pandemic, it created a need for virtual and on-demand games. Enter Rough Magic. This hungry startup located in Chicago wanted to get a footing in the growing world of virtual RPG games. They needed a website and an all-in-one scheduling solution where users can book games and their game masters can manage their availability and communicate with players. They also needed a way to advertise their in-person events and an online store for individuals to pay for their games and buy gift certificates.

Our Solution

At the base, we always start with a blazing-fast website. In the world of ecommerce, milliseconds mean the difference between converting a customer and losing them. Despite the beefiness (hey, we’re a Nebraska company) of their website, we are always hitting a less than one second largest first paint and first interactive. Scheduler, online store and contact forms be damned… we’ve got a need for speed and performance.

The Scheduler

At the heart of Rough Magic’s website is the scheduler. RM offers one of the largest game selection out there. With 25 game platforms and counting, we implemented a simple, powerful system that could display games based on genre, by system, age, and experience level.

Users choose which game they want to play, the number of players, their preferred game master, and when they will play. The system then notifies the gamemaster via email that they have a game scheduled so they can coordinate with the players. Game masters are able to adjust their availability directly on the website.

Custom Forms

Although they offer one of the largest game selections, Rough Magic prides itself on being adaptive and flexible with their users. One of the options they offer is completely custom games. For these inquiries we created an easy-to-use form their users can quickly fill out if they want something custom. They also have contact forms peppered throughout the site if users have any questions.


When users sign up a game with Rough Magic, they offer a variety of ways to pay. We provided an Ecommerce solution allowing users to pay directly on the site using credit card, PayPal, or Venmo. Users can also purchase games as gifts.

Event Listings

Rough Magic also hosts in-person events and needed a way to publicize those events. To accommodate this, we created an event type for them that they can easily implement on their own time. It includes built-in Google Maps and directions with a click.